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 director de orquesta


He started his serious musical studies with Víctor Román and after his death with Estela González (winner of the 1º prize in the International guitar competition Heitor Villa-Lobos in Brazil)
Strongly attracted by the opera, he took private lessons of lyric singing with Ricardo Yost, (teacher and soloist at Colon Theater from Buenos Aires), Pablo Dzodan has a bass-baritone voice.

His academic studies were done at Catholic University of Argentina, where he studied conducting and composition.

After university his studies in conducting have been made in Argentina and abroad with maestros such as Guillermo Scarabino (Arg), Pedro I. Calderón (Arg), Charles Dutoit (Switzerland), Luis Gorelik (Arg), Jorma Panula (Finland).

In 2004 and 2005 he wins the Antorchas Fundation Competition and he is rewarded with a scholarship for improvement studies in Orchestral Conducting with the masters Pedro I. Calderón and Eduardo Pugliese.

In July 2005 he is selected by Charles Dutoit to participate as an active student in the “Master Classes” given with orchestra at Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ending 2005 he wins the Río Bank competition in which he is rewarded and also honoured as “Enterprising Young”.

In July 2006 he gets a mention from the National Competition organized by Clarín Newspaper and Ciudad de Buenos Aires Bank (two important argentinian companies), which honour him as one of the best twelve enterprising youngsters of Argentina.

In 2001, with the support of the Arts and Musical Science Department of Argentine Catholic University, he founds the “Camerata Exaudi”, group  with a symphonic orchestra, a choir and chamber ensembles, with an amount of 85 members, Pablo Dzodan has been his general manager and musical director from the beginning.

As a conductor he has had several experiences, from the instrumental and vocal chamber music to the symphonic, symphonic-choral, capella choir, opera and soloist concerts genres with different ensembles as Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava Orchestra, Ushuaia Philharmonic Orchestra, Salta Province Orchestra, Camerata Exaudi, the UCA Symphonic Orchestra, Colon Theatre’s orchestra, Colon Theater Academic Orchestra, Chamber orchestra from Rosario (Arg), among others.

As a conductor he has done several works playing symphonies, soloist concerts, accompanying in those to the remarkable international personalities such as the following masters: Götz Bernau: Violin “Concertino of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra” (Germany) and Stanimir Todorov, Violoncello (Bulgaria) , and the argentinians Alejandro Shaikis (violin), Marcelo Massún (cello), Mario Fiocca (viola) Sergio Rivas (contrabass), Valentín Surif (piano), Carla Filipcic Holm (soprano), Lara Mauro (soprano), Carlos Ullán (tenor), Nahuel Di Pierro (bass), and Walter Schwarz (bass) among others, at important places such as Ostrava city Auditorium (Rep. Checa), Auditorio de Belgrano, Mar del Plata City’s Colón Theater, Facultad de Derecho de la UBA, Casa de la Cultura del Gob. de la Ciudad de Bs. As., Auditorios San Agustín y Santa Cecilia from UCA, Margarita Xirgù Theater, Fernández Blanco Museum, National Fine Artes Museum’s Auditorium, Roma Theater, Finlandia’s House, and at important Churchies from Buenos Aires.

As a choir conductor he has got an important experience through his position as Camerata Exaudi choir conductor (position which he had since 2002). Apart from this in 2010, he founds a new choir called “Coro del Fin del Mundo” (with 60 mixed voices) in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego province, which is the first and unique symphonic and permanent choir over the whole provincial territory, in 2011 wins a Clarin award to the classical music.

He has also conducted important national and foreign choirs such as, Cantoría Lugano (Argentina), Argentinian Catholic University Choir, Salta Catholic University Choir (Argentina), Schola Cantorum Coralina (Cuba), Quadrivium de Valencia Choir (Venezuela), Vilnius’s Virgo Women Choir (Lithuania), etc.

In 2003 and 2005 he was appointed to play the ending concert at the Iº and IIº International Choral Festival, in the Auditorio de Belgrano, playing the Magnificat BWV 243 by J. S. Bach, and Mozart’s Requiem respectively with more than 120 artists on stage in both cases, with an international staff in which was the Lara’s Symphonic Orchestra Choir (Venezuela).

In 2003 and 2007 he was selected to conduct Così fan tutte from W. A. Mozart, and “Let’s make an opera” from B. Britten, at Margarita Xirgù Theater

In May 2008 was invited by Mtro. P. I. Calderón, to conduct the brass band of 2º Symphony by G. Mahler with National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina.

Since 2008 to 2012 he worked as assistant conductor of Ushuaia’s Interntational Festival.